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What Do The Recommendations In The Online Store Look Like?

What Do The Recommendations In The Online Store Look Like?

Avatar Zuzanna Pajorska
05 February 2021
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What do the recommendations in the online store look like?

Are you wondering what good product recommendations should look like on the website of an online store? The answer is simple - windows with suggestions to buy further products should be both unobtrusive and visible. Is it not mutually exclusive? Is such a solution even possible? In this article, you will learn what the Recostream recommendations look like and what are the strengths of personalizing the appearance of additional tools in the e-shop.

The appearance of recommendations and the consistency of the website

Many online store administrators treat additional tools, applications or plug-ins with caution as they are concerned about disturbing the appearance and consistency of the store. A neat design of the website with its thoroughly thought-over UX components are the foundation upon which we can make a good impression on the customer and make the store navigation easier. In other words, we aim to create a good experience and encourage users to come back.

Add-ons such as a banner with recommendations or a pop-up shopping assistant seem to be solutions that adversely interfere with the appearance of the website. It doesn't always need to be this way! A minimalist, website-style recommendation banner can be treated as a new, essential piece of the puzzle that will further simplify your navigation through the store. This element, i.e. a window with sets of personalized recommendations, is an extension of a modern store whose appearance is always consistent with the entire website of the store.

recommendations in online store for kids
Properly designed recommendations are those that the clients themselves will become interested in. Additionally, machine learning allows for a very accurate selection of recommended products, so the chances that the user will be discouraged by obtrusiveness are minimal.

Personalizing the appearance of the recommendation in the store

When choosing a tool, you should therefore pay attention to the fact that personalization of the recommendation windows is easy and accessible even for people who do not deal with designing websites. The free choice of font type and color, size of product photos, and the appropriate banner shape is a must.

Here are some examples of how your recommendations will look in different places on the page:

Chatbot and recommendations
Recommendations displayed in a form resembling a chat-bot.
Pop-up recommendations
A pop-up that says a product is sold out and recommends other similar products

Location of recommendations on the store’s website

Another important issue is the possibility to place recommendations anywhere during the customer journey without the help of programmers. Why is it important? The results of the implementation analysis show that the locations of recommendations with the greatest potential for increasing revenue are as follows (in order from the most effective):

  1. Product page - this is where the customer's dilemma and the desire to compare the product with other products begins. A window with similar products, viewed by others, purchased by other consumers, etc. comes to the rescue.
    Recommendations on the product page
    Recommendations on the product page
  2. Category page - one of the first pages a customer will open, right after the main page, is the category page. Use this moment and recommend the most popular products from your store here.
  3. Pop-up after adding a product to the shopping basket - we recommend choosing the cross-selling recommendation model here, which will most likely suggest adding a product complementing the one that has just been added to the basket.
  4. Pop-up with recommendations
    Recommendations that are displayed after the product is added to the shopping basket.
    Store Home Page - this is where the "Recently Viewed" model for returnees and the "Popular" model, which features the best-selling products in your store, will work great.
  5. Bestsellers on the Store Home Page
    Bestsellers displayed on the Store Home Page
  6. Basket - in this case, it is worth choosing manually guided recommendations and proposing those items that are currently on promotion, on sale, or are typically complementary products.
    Recommendations suggesting supplementing the basket with matching products
    Recommendations suggesting supplementing the basket with matching products
  7. Blog post - placing product recommendations that appear in the body of your blog post is a great way to reduce the time spent searching for the product in question (or something similar). A potential customer prefers to read about the product first before buying it - take advantage of it!


New extensions on the store's website do not have to be persistent, intrusive and disrupting the aesthetics of the online store's website. Properly designed and located banners with recommendations increase the conversion rate and contribute to higher sales and increased trust of store users. By choosing a product recommendation system, you can be sure that its installation will not be complicated, and its appearance will match the style of your store.

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