About Us

We are on a mission to make advanced recommendation models available to e-commerce sites of any size.

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Our Mission
We want to improve the shopping experience.

Our goal is to enable the store owners to close the gap between the consumer's first visit and the first purchase, no matter what your store size is.

We want easier and faster navigation through your store inventory so your customer can make better, more satisfying choices.

This is why we are building recommendations as a service with the easiest possible installation model.


Founder Arek Drysch
Arek Drysch
CTO (founder)
Arek Krysik
Arek Krysik
Marketing Associate
Martyna Litkowska
Martyna Litkowska
Development Manager
Founder Michał Głomba
Michał Głomba
CEO (founder)
Michał Kosztołowicz
Michał Kosztołowicz
Senior AI/Java Developer
Monika Fuchsig
Monika Fuchsig
Java Developer
Zuza Pajorska
Zuzanna Pajorska
Marketing Manager
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Our History

  1. November 2019
    Development Started
  2. March 2020
    Prototype Ready
  3. May 2020
    Test Implementations
  4. August 2020
    Production Release
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