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How it works | RecostreamHow It Works

Maximize potential of your store with personalized recommendations

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Our Case Studies

Real results from our implementations

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10% of products added to basket come from recommendations

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7% of clicked recommendations lead to purchase

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5% of product page views ends with a recommendation click

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What Our Clients Say

Urszula Lola

“Cooperation with Recostream is pure pleasure. The tool continues to develop and adds new useful functionalities. I recommend it to both beginner stores and more developed ones.”

Urszula Lola
The owner of the ByLola store
Bartosz Żebryk

“Recostream allows us to boost the chances of increasing the value of the shopping cart, which, considering a high cost of acquiring a customer, is a very important aspect.”

Bartosz Żebryk
The Owner of the Shop
Dawid Skwiot

“The Recostream recommendation system stands out because of the fact that it has algorithms that have a real impact on sales and the effectiveness of which can be objectively and independently assessed.”

Dawid Skwiot
Director of Roxie Cosmetics LTD
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Flexible Display

Personalize every step of your shopping path



Product Page, Category Page, Home Page, Basket, Blog Posts

Recostream Inline


Add to Basket Event, Unavailable Product Page

Personal Shopping Assistant

Shopping Assistant guiding through your store inventory with personalized suggestions.

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Key Features

Uniquely Personalized Recommendations

Advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning models enables us to create recommendations unique for a given visitor. Automatically self-adapting models: Similar Items, Popular Items, Recently Visited, Others Viewed, Best Converting, Manual Rule-Based Recommendations. Best-sellers, Cross-sellers, etc.

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Real-time Optimization

Real-time analysis of traffic and behavior immediately impacts recommendation results for a given visitor.

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Quick and 100% Free Installation

Just add a short Javascript code (like for Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager) and it's done. No coding or special integration needed. Works with any platform. Easily adjust look & feel.

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Personalize every step in the shopping path

Display format optimized for mobile & desktop devices ready to be placed on product page, category page, add to basket action, unavailable product page, home page, basket page or blog post.

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Complete Integration with Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce & Google Optimize

Objectively analyze the effectiveness of our recommendation and their impact on your store metrics in Enhanced eCommerce. Easily run A/B testing with Google Optimize.

How to Track Recostream Conversions in Google Analytics? right-2 icon

Detailed Conversion Analysis

Finally understand how different recommendation models work in different locations of your store.


Powerful Instant Insights

Unavailable but frequently visited products? Products starting user sessions? Oldest price modifications? Get real-time insights in our dashboard.


Export to Excel

All data collected by our platform about your store are yours. You can export everything with full history and slice & dice further in Excel or your favorite tool.

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Why Is Personalization So Important?

Research facts about recommendation systems

1. Increase Conversion and Interaction with Store

Salesforce research shows that clients who clicked recommended items generated 24% of orders and 26% of sales.

They spend over 12 minutes in store compared to less than 3 minutes spent by clients who did not interact with recommendations.

2. Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Visitors that clicked recommendations were 4.5 times more likely to create a shopping cart. By implementing product recommendations you can improve cart abandonment by up to 4.35%.

Zalando research, shows that users placed a product into the shopping cart in one of the next two sessions in about 14% of the cases when they had clicked on it within a recommendation list.

3. Understand Your Clients Better

Understanding the decision process of your visitors enables you to make data-driven decisions about your store and provide products and options they want.

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