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The 6 Most Profitable Places to Put Personalized Recommendations in Your Online Store

The 6 Most Profitable Places to Put Personalized Recommendations in Your Online Store

Avatar Zuzanna Pajorska
16 December 2020
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most profitable places to put personalized recommendations

Should the recommendation section be found on the product page indicating personalized suggestions? Of course!

Is it worth placing the recommendations exclusively on the product page? Absolutely not!

The statistics of actual implementations indicate that the locations of recommendations with the greatest potential to increase revenue are the following (starting from the most effective):

  • Product page
  • Category page
  • Pop-up after adding to basket
  • Store home page
  • Basket
  • Blog article

  • Restricting recommendations to the product page in case of many stores would mean using less than 50% of the potential effect that personalized recommendations may have on the final revenue.

    How should we distribute recommendations in the store structure? Let us answer this question below based on our previous implementations.

    1. Recommendations on the product page

    It is the key and most profitable place for the recommendation window in the entire store. Why? This is where the customer's dilemma and the desire to compare the product with other products begins. A window with similar products, viewed by others, bought by others, etc., comes in handy. Such a window with proposed products that may appeal to a given user makes it much easier to navigate through the products available in the online store.

    2. Recommendations on the category page

    In most cases, when customers visit an online store, they already know (at least to some extend) what they are looking for. One of the first pages they will open, right after the home page, is the categories page. It is the perfect moment to recommend the most popular products available in your store. By doing so, you will increase the chance that the user will notice a popular product and, what is more, will want to have it too.

    3. Recommendations in the pop-up window after adding a product to the shopping basket

    Do you wish to complement the shopping basket with additional products that match the one chosen by the customer of your store? If so, select a cross-selling recommendation model, which will most likely suggest adding a product complementing the one that has just been added to the basket. In the Recostream recommendation engine, these suggestions appear in the form of a pop-up window that looks like this:

    pop-up rekomendacje koszyk zakupowy
    When a product is added to the basket, a recommendation pops up.

    4. Recommendations on the home page of the store

    Your store's home page is its most important showpiece. Make sure to catch the user's attention at the very beginning of the shopping journey. This is where two models are going to work well. Namely, the "Recently Viewed" model for returning customers and the "Popular" model which features the best-selling products in your store. This situation has a lot in common with visiting a brick-and-mortar store. It is the Bestsellers that are always located right at the entrance to the store.

    5. Recommendations on the basket page

    Placing the slider with recommendations on the shopping basket page is the place with the highest conversion rate. Similarly to a traditional store, this section functions much like the products displayed at the checkout which attract our attention right before the final purchase is made. In this case, it is worth choosing manually guided recommendations and proposing special offer products, as well as products on sale or products that are typically complementary.

    shopping cart

    6. Recommendations in blog articles

    Content is king! Blogs with expert content are an indispensable element of almost all online stores that care not only about good website optimization in terms of SEO, but also those stores that want to provide their potential customers with substantive content and professional product reviews. A conscious consumer will surely visit your blog, or maybe find your store through the Google search engine thanks to an entry that clarified doubts about the purchase? It is then a great place to put purchase recommendations to keep a given user longer and start their shopping journey right here.

    What next?

    In the previous post on our blog, we shared a checklist of 8 criteria to be followed when choosing a recommendation engine. The possibility of placing the recommendation window in the above places on the store's website is definitely another advantage that is worth remembering. At Recostream, we focus on flexibility and ease of adapting recommendations to the store's website. Check what recommendation setting works best for your store for 30 days without any fees!
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