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All-inclusive Plan for All Sites

You will pay $1 for every 1000 recommendation views.

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Select the number of monthly page views

Page views per month: 100k
$ 100

settings-2 icon 20% discount for paying a year in advance

This is an estimate. The final monthly cost will be based on the exact number of recommendation views on your website during the 30 days of free trial.

Advanced AI/ML-based engine

Recostream is a machine learning and artificial intelligence driven engine that is able to generate accurate recommendations based on traffic and content.

Personalized recommendations on all pages

A banner with recommendations can be placed on every subpage of the store.

Recommendations on the blog based on the content

Thanks to the content-based filtering method recommendations placed on the blog are related to articles’ topics.

Recovery of conversions on pages of unavailable products

Banners with recommendations will appear when the user enters the page with an unavailable product.

Real-time recommendations and analytical data

Metrics on the product recommendations are sent in real-time to Recostream’s dashboard. Every user gets full access to the statistics.

Multiple recommendation models: up-sell, cross-sell and rule-driven

Recostream offers several types of recommendations that are located in different places on the page to maximize conversion. Those include: Others Viewed, Similar Products, Recently Visited.

Full integration with Google Analytics

In order to independently measure an impact of our recommendation engine on store metrics, you can integrate Recostream with your Google Analytics account.

A/B tests with Google Optimize

Use A/B tests to increase the effectiveness of recommendations.

Quick and easy installation (3 mins, no coding)

Installing Recostream does not require any technical knowledge, just paste one line of JavaScript code into the section of the page (exactly the same as in the case of Google Analytics). Find out how to install step by step.

Integration with ANY e-commerce platform

Recostream is compatible with any e-commerce platform.

No limit on the number of collected events

Even if your store has a high traffic, all the necessary data will be collected at no extra cost.

Dedicated Account Manager

We offer full support both during the free trial and after switching to the paid version.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely yes. We start with a 30-day free trial of the fully functioning product. The initial configuration is done by us with no additional fee. The only task at your end is to install a short Javascript snippet in your store similar to Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager snippets.

We know that our recommendation engine works. If our recommendations share in your sales won’t be greater than 10x the cost of our service after 12 months, we will refund you for that period. The only condition is that your store is active without any breaks and the recommendations are installed and present according to our suggestions during that period. Contact our support team and after a positive verification we will refund you for that period.

Yes, we offer 20% discounts for annual contracts.

No, you only pay according to your monthly page views. If the defined number of page views is exceeded we will just stop showing new recommendations and let you know to upgrade your plan.

No, everything is automatically identified and updated by our software.

Yes, it does - there is no dependency on the underlying technology/platform - the only requirement is to place a short Javascript page on your store pages.

You do not need to prepare any listings for us, all required data including product inventory is identified and updated automatically.

We have only one all-inclusive plan, so you do not need to worry about missing something.

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club). Bank wire transfer is available for annual contract.

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What Our Clients Say

Urszula Lola

“Cooperation with Recostream is pure pleasure. The tool continues to develop and adds new useful functionalities. I recommend it to both beginner stores and more developed ones.”

Urszula Lola
The owner of the ByLola store
Bartosz Żebryk

“Recostream allows us to boost the chances of increasing the value of the shopping cart, which, considering a high cost of acquiring a customer, is a very important aspect.”

Bartosz Żebryk
The Owner of the Shop
Dawid Skwiot

“The Recostream recommendation system stands out because of the fact that it has algorithms that have a real impact on sales and the effectiveness of which can be objectively and independently assessed.”

Dawid Skwiot
Director of Roxie Cosmetics LTD
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