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Quick Integration Process - Step by Step

Quick Integration Process - Step by Step

Avatar Zuzanna Pajorska
09 December 2020
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how to integrate a recommendation system in online shop

Integration has never been so simple. All you need to do is embed a short Javascript code into your website. No coding needed.

Here is what you need to do in 6 quick steps:

  1. Create an account and register your store by introducing its URL.
  2. We will generate for you a dedicated Javascript code like the one below and send you via email. You will be asked to copy it.
    jacascript kod do integracji systemu rekomendacji zakupowej w sklepie internetowym
  3. Embed the code into the section in your website same as with Google Analytics. You can do it via Google Tag Manager or via your store’s dashboard.
  4. Now it’s our turn. We will create a setup for you within 1 business day. Once the setup is ready, let the Recostream collect the information about visited items, clicked recommendations, items added to the basket, page visits in real-time, and many more. The design of the recommendation box will be customized and adapted to your website.
  5. Once the recommendation engine runs, your 30-days free trial will start.
  6. You will get unlimited access to advanced statistics from the first day of your trial so you can observe the traffic on your website in real-time. Use Enchanced Ecommerce option on Google Analytics to measure your conversions from recommendations. Learn more here.
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