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How Long Should Delivery in the Online Store Take? Here Are Our Tips!

How Long Should Delivery in the Online Store Take? Here Are Our Tips!

Avatar Arkadiusz Krysik
23 March 2021
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2-day delivery period for products

150 years ago, it could take up to a month to ship a parcel from one part of the United States to the other. Today, thanks to much more advanced logistics and air transportation systems, the time needed to deliver packages has significantly decreased.

Currently, the largest eCommerce sellers deliver parcels to all European Union countries within a few days and the waiting time for intercontinental shipments from China and the United States has also substantially shorted. For most customers of online stores, the waiting time for the shipment is one of the main factors determining whether to select a given offer.

Customer Expectations

The first eCommerce company that focused on faster delivery times, as in case of most eCommerce innovations, was Amazon. Since starting its operations in 1994, Amazon has implemented a number of management improvements designed to reduce delivery times.

Currently, two-day delivery via Amazon Prime is considered standard in the eCommerce market. Deloitte research shows that only 33% of customers who choose fast shipping are willing to wait three or more days for online orders. With the launch of Prime in 2005, it took 48 hours to ship products, especially overseas or, as in the case of the United States, to the other part of the country. At present, more than 100 million users worldwide use this service and assume that all online stores will offer a similar standard of shipping speed.

Two Days For Delivery?

The delivery period is the time from the moment of placing an order in the online store to receiving the package with the product. Two days have become the industry standard. In Poland, in case of deliveries via InPost or other courier companies, this goal is relatively easy to achieve.

If we ship products on an ongoing basis or the process is partially automated, delivering products to customers within two days should not be a problem.


Obstacles start to appear when we ship goods abroad or operate on a dropshipping basis. Lack of on-site stocking of the products offered by the store can significantly slow down delivery times, which can potentially discourage some customers. It is then worth reassuring them about the safety and reliability of the services offered as well as offer more competitive prices.

It is also worth noting that some suppliers in Poland take a step further. Online stores such as X-kom or Media Expert offer the option of next business day delivery, if we place an order by a specific time. This clearly shows how important the delivery time is on the eCommerce market and the largest stores are looking for newer and newer solutions to shorten this time even further.

Why Is a Short Delivery Time so Important?

Consumers expect their orders to be delivered quickly and are likely to turn to another retailer if that need is not met.

According to the latest research, as many as 63 percent of consumers expect delivery within three days, and 83 percent want a guaranteed delivery date.

Moreover, it is estimated that 76 percent of users will choose an online store where more convenient shipping options will be offered.

Ensuring an efficient and fast shipping process can have a positive impact on many aspects of online sales:

1. Improve Customer Loyalty

Providing your customers with multiple fast and secure delivery options will positively impact the overall store experience, which in turn will improve customer loyalty.

According to the MyCustomer survey, 82% of consumers stated that it is important to them that online stores keep them informed about each step of the order fulfillment.

Additionally, 45% of customers admitted that they keep track of the order status via text message, and as many as 85% use e-mail for this purpose. This shows how important it is to inform customers that the purchased goods are on their way, and that the entire process runs seamlessly.

Fast delivery in online shopping

2. Reduce your cart abandonment rate

Many online store customers are very familiar with the problem of completing the transaction which leads to cart abandonment.

Research clearly shows that extended delivery times are one of the main reasons customers abandon their carts before paying. According to the “2015 State of ecommerce delivery” report, 66% of customers chose an online store based on available and convenient delivery options.

Moreover, in the same report as many as 51% of customers stated that in the past they did not complete their purchases in a given store due to the extended delivery time as compared to the competition.

Ensuring that the delivery time is as short as possible and that customers have a wide range of options that are most convenient to them is a very important element aimed at improving the cart abandonment rate.

3. An Additional Advantage in Marketing Campaigns

In marketing campaigns, online stores focus on all the advantages that could attract the attention of a potential customer and encourage to take advantage of their offer – starting from a wide range of products to advanced personalization options.

Guaranteeing fast order fulfillment and a wide range of delivery options can be great elements of your marketing campaigns.

According to Deliverr data, some clients who use its services have noticed a 50% increase in Facebook CPA, after adding to their promotional posts information about the delivery guarantee within 2 business days.


Providing customers with a fast, preferably two-day delivery time for the ordered products has now become a standard on the eCommerce market. Since Amazon introduced revolutionary changes to online sales more than a decade ago, customers have taken it for granted that the products they order will reach their doorstep within 48 hours.

Every eCommerce website owner or manager should remember this when talking to courier service providers and, in addition to the low price, pay attention to efficiency and delivery time guarantees. This will improve the overall customer experience with the store and lower the cart abandonment rate.
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