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The Appearance of the Online Store. Check How to Design to Sell More

The Appearance of the Online Store. Check How to Design to Sell More

Avatar Arkadiusz Krysik
18 March 2021
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How to design a good website for ecommerce

When we start selling online, one of the first and most important steps should be to ensure that the visual side of the store's website is pleasing to the eye, thoughtful and intuitive. This is your chance to make a good impression on new users and turn some of them into customers. In this article, we will try to present some of the most important tips for designing a good and effective website for your online store.

Thoughtful and well-suited Web Design

According to a Kissmetrics study, as many as 93% of shoppers consider the appearance of an online store page to be the most important aspect when making a purchase. For an undecided customer, a transparent, professional and trustworthy website of the store may be the main factor determining whether they will use the offer or go to the competition.

1. Keep your website design simple

When it comes to designing an e-commerce site, it's worth following a simple rule, which is called KISS in Web Design: "Keep it simple, silly!". In a nutshell, the simpler the better.

Keeping this in mind, when designing your online store website, it is recommended to avoid unnecessary pop-ups, additions, motley colors, different fonts or too much information. Not only will they only disturb and negatively affect the customer experience with the store, but their presence may have a negative impact on the page loading speed.

In order to make sure that the website works properly and none of the installed add-ons slows it down, it is worth using tools such as Google Page Insights, which will analyze its operation.

Once we decide to integrate banners or additional windows, we should make sure that they are not very invasive, but inscribed in the right place, surrounded by a white frame and that their appearance matches the general style of the store.

An example of a banner well suited to the appearance of the website
An example of a banner well suited to the appearance of the website

2. Use a thoughtful color palette of the brand

It's no secret that people best consume content with pictures, icons or photos. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual and is processed 60,000 times faster than any other type.

Colors are extremely important in marketing to properly convey the character of the brand. The store owner may use a given color palette to arouse certain emotions in visitors or to cleverly encourage users to make a purchase. The right choice of colors on the store's website requires careful planning and can significantly affect the perception of the entire website by its customers.

How to choose colours for website
A good example of using colors on e-commerce websites is red. According to the psychology of color, this color evokes feelings of excitement and passion, which are the factors that influence expenses. Research has shown that the CTA "buy now" button in red is able to increase conversions by as much as 34%.

In the process of choosing the color of the website, it is important to define the nature of the business and the emotions that we want to arouse in potential customers.

3. Use professional photos and illustrations

One of the most effective ways to increase the conversion of online stores is professional photos which are well suited to the style of the website and present the product in detail.

The research clearly showed that stores presenting their customers with high-quality visual materials can count on an increase in sales rates by up to 40% compared to the competition.

Nobody is going to buy a product if they have not seen it at all before, therefore a good visual presentation of the offered items is indispensable. The use of professional photos of the offered products means a high cost, but it should be treated as an investment that will quickly pay off in the form of higher loyalty and commitment of the store's customers and increased sales.

4. Complete page "About us"

Another important aspect of building a good website for an online store is taking care of the "About us" section. This page, although it may not seem crucial, is a very important element of building trust and good reputation among store customers. The business contact details should be clear and easy to find on the business information page and throughout the site.

Remember to mention:

  • Contact email address
  • Store address
  • Social media channels

5. Offer the most popular and secure payment options

The last element of the customer's journey through the store is the cart page and payment for purchases. Most buyers care about privacy and whether the website will protect their personal information, ensuring a safe transaction. If your site does not seem trustworthy, your customers will choose to shop elsewhere.

In order to avoid an abandoned cart, it is worth ensuring that the cart page is designed in a clear and legible way, contains the necessary information on privacy and store regulations and that it offers the most popular payment methods such as GooglePay or Blik.

Simplifying the payment process will improve your cart abandonment rate and overall sales.


Take care of the appearance and sell more

Designing your e-commerce site properly can be difficult, but by following these tips, you will be able to stand out from the competition. A simple, well-thought-out design with a color palette matched to the nature of the business will make your customers want to continue browsing the page once they visited it for the first time. What is more, the detailed "about us" pages and a well-designed cart page will increase their trust in your store.

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