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Increase sales by 10% with our recommendations. Integrate in less than 3 minutes.

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Increase your sales.
Real numbers.

Our clients increased sales by 10% with Recostream recommendations. Integrate with your store now in less than 3 minutes.


More than 10% of the items added to the cart come from recommendations.


More than 7% of recommendations clicks lead to adding to cart.


More than 5% of items’ page views result in choosing a recommended product.

How does it work?

Easy installation with no coding needed.


Quick and 100% Free Installation

Install a short Javascript code. We do all the rest, 100% free. Compatible with any e-commerce platform.


Customer Engagement Boost

Increase the visibility of your inventory with personalized recommendations returned by our AI/ML engine.


Powerful Analytics

Understand better your customer’s journey with real-time insights on conversions, user sessions, prices, and specific store items.

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How does it look?

Choose the recommendation view that works best on your website

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Why are personalized recommendations important?

Research facts about recommendation systems

1. Increase your conversion rates

Salesforce study shows that visits where shoppers clicked recommendations generated 24% of orders and 26% of revenue. They spent an average of 12.9 minutes on-site vs. just 2.9 minutes for those who didn’t click recommendations. 37% of them come back to the site.

2. Improve shopping experience and customer satisfaction

Personalized experience is essential for any online business. Salesforce research shows that personalized recommendations have a big impact on purchasing decisions. Thanks to intelligent learning from visitors behavior, 24% of products bought by shoppers are the same products they clicked via recommendations.

3. Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Visitors that clicked recommendations were 4.5 times more likely to create a shopping cart. By implementing product recommendations you can improve cart abandonment by up to 4.35% - proves Barilliance Report.

Zalando research shows that users placed a product into the shopping cart in one of the next two sessions in about 14% of the cases when they had clicked on it within a recommendation list.

4. Better understanding of your clients

Understanding the decision process of your visitors enables you to make data-driven decisions about your store and provide products and options they want.

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Key Features


Useful & Transparent Recommendations

Engage your visitors with personalized recommendations in a familiar form of a friendly assistant or an inline block. Let you customers select the recommendation logic.


Real-Time Machine Learning

Every single recommendation is a result of an auto-tuning ML/AI algorithm analysing natural language, user profiles, behavioral patterns, and product features.


Quick and 100% Free Installation

Just add a short Javascript code (like for Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager) and it's done. No coding or special integration needed. Works with any platform.


Detailed Conversion Analysis

Finally understand how different recommendation models work in your store and what is their impact on product views or the basket value.


Powerful Insights

Get real-time insights like most visited but unavailable items, items ending shopping sessions or the oldest price modifications.


Export to Excel

All data collected by our platform about your store are yours. You can export everything with full history and slice & dice further in Excel or your favorite tool.

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Start increasing your revenue with personalized recommendations!

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